Monday, September 24, 2012

SDAIE Classroom Activity

My Co-teacher and I did an activity with our Spanish II students that involved walking around the classroom and getting to know one another. The activity is called "¿Quien en la clase...?"- "Who in the class...?" The activity involved a sheet of paper that had various questions in it, for example: who in the class has a dog? who in the class has a name that starts with the letter L? who in the class has two brothers? and students were supposed to walk around the classroom and find a classmate that could answer this question for them and write their name next to the question, all in Spanish. This was a great activity because students got a chance to learn a little about their peers, as well as their names and they got to interact with each other practicing the language they are learning. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Student Survey

I made a literacy survey for my Spanish students asking them various questions about how they like to read, if they like to read and what they like to read. My questions were pretty simple and the way to answer was even simpler. I added three faces, a happy face, an impartial face and a sad face, my students were to circle the face that reflected how they felt about reading.

The answers i received from my students were very interesting, I asked them how they felt about reading on their free time and most of them answered by circling the happy face and circled the sad face when asked how they felt about reading in class or about reading from the class workbook. I have always thought that reading from pure enjoyment is the best reading.


The high school I am student teaching at offers no lockers for students and it pains me seeing many of them hauling their heavy books on their backs across campus. Some of the students are too tiny for this kind of back strain and unfortunately the school does not offer the possibility of leaving their text books in class or even building lockers for students to use and store their heavy books.